#5 Question

5) Have you noticed any change in your drinking behaviour in the last couple of years?  How has it changed and why do you think that is?


#4 Question

4) Describe your ideal drink. Why?

#3 Question

3) When do you think you most deserve a drink? At this time, what do you want the drink to do?

#2 Question

2) Does your country have a drink it’s particularly proud of? (e.g. UK and Pimms) What are the common characteristics between the drink and your country?

#1 Question

1) Do you think London is cool? What do you like about it? What do you dislike?

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Ooggywawa is Zulu for cheers – one of the many ways of expressing that universal moment when we raise our glasses and the festivities begin.

Drinking is subject to a variety of rules and norms regarding who may drink what, when, where, with whom and so on. It does not, in any society, take place ‘just anywhere’, and most cultures have specific, designated environments for communal drinking. Here on Ooggywawa we’ll begin to uncover exactly what those are, how they are changing and what you are all drinking.

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